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Librly is constantly evolving!

We realize that our online list of newspapers worldwide (online newspapers) is a narrow topic. We decided to launch two additional lists on which we will place interesting items found on the Internet, i.e. the best magazines and the best blogs. In addition, we decided to establish cooperation with three online communities to reward some of the most interesting items with them. You can find our awards on the page: Awards of the year for achievements awarded by

The best blogs in the world

In contrast to the webpage ordering method you will find in the best newspapers in the world, we have chosen a different way to organize the list of best blogs in the world. We only include the language in which the blog is published. This will make it easier for you to find the best blogs in your language that the team thinks deserve to be included on our list.

What is a blog?

A blog is a website that contains multiple, usually chronologically organized postings. Blogs typically allow for the archiving, categorization, and tagging of posts, as well as the readers of a certain online log commenting on the notes. The blogosphere refers to the world of blogging as a communication channel in general. The linguistic text serves as the most significant communicative function in blogs, while there are also graphic elements and video recordings.

The content of a blog differs from that of many other websites. Weblogs were once mistaken for personal pages. Although this viewpoint is no longer valid, blogs continue to be separated from other websites by the more personal quality of their content: first-person narration is more common, and facts are frequently intermingled with the author’s thoughts. Furthermore, you can meet the definition of a blog as a communication tool.

What does it take to be on the top blogs list?

We search the Internet ourselves, but if you think that your blog is worth placing on our website, please contact us. On the “rules” page you will find information in which we describe how We consider the possibility of including a given website on our lists. On the “contact” page you will find the necessary data to contact us. We reserve the right not to answer or provide explanations.

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